Shipping and return policies for Synth Religion

Shipping Info

* Please note that there will be NO SHIPPING between July 25, 2019 and August 18, 2019. Any item ordered during this period will be shipped between August 19 and September 9.
* All packages are shipped from Paris, France.
* We shipped packages once a week, and the day depends on our schedule (for example if you place an order on a Tuesday and we did the weekly shipping on Monday, your order will be sent the week after)
* All orders are shipped via the French postal service and don’t include tracking numbers. We can’t provide you tracking numbers even if you request one.
* A package will generally arrive within:
- 1 to 5 workings days in France
- 5 to 10 working days in Europe
- 7 to 15 working days outside Europe
HOWEVER, please note that in some countries, or in some cases, packages take up to 2 months to arrive and there’s nothing we can do about it. So please take this into account before placing your order. As long as you received an email informing you that the order had been shipped, it means that it’s on its way to you 🙂.
* please note that we do everything ourselves and we are doing the best we can. Sometimes we’re touring or just producing music therefore it take us more time to fulfil the orders. Please be patient and don’t send us emails about it.
* To get our merch faster, the best way is to meet us on tour 🙂. We always carry our vinyls/CDs/tshirts with us 🙂.